Josh and BradCommitment is commitment.  Period.  Not going to preach.  Just saying that when you give your word it’s suppose to be tight.  Otherwise don’t do it.  Now there are the occasional times when it can’t be helped and your commitment has to be broken.  But let’s face it that’s not very often.

I was asked to do a small independent film last March and it was supposed to be shot in May.  Of course things change with schedules, it being independent, but instead of May it was pushed to June.  That meant that the time was going to be very close to my departure date to go back to Vancouver for nine months.  That’s a long time away and takes time to pack up and ship out. Continue reading


IMG_1061I know, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written and it’s taken the passing of Prince to make me sit down at the computer and write.  He had that way with people.  When all seemed to be too much his genius and his talent made you realize that anything was and is possible.  I could go on about how we never know when we will be called to wherever that is we are going but today I have been hit hard by the passing of Prince. Continue reading