LimboI have been having a hard time grasping what it will be like to go home.  I have spent much of my career on the road and have tried to make my home wherever I’ve been.   Fresh flowers, pictures, familiar knick knacks that remind me of days gone by.  My mom’s silver rosary she clutched in her hand into her later years.  The hail Mary’s and our Father’s and glory be’s that were so ingrained in me as I was growing up a practicing Catholic.  The fold out of St Jude to protect from harm’s way.  My Buddha that helps me to remember the inner calm. Continue reading


DSCN0269.JPGIn this new year I thought about reflecting what has happened to me and the world.  I thought about how my life had changed and how the world has changed as I know it.  I wish that things were different in the way we treat each other and in the importance of how living a peaceful and loving life is what this world is looking for right now. Continue reading


IMG_0833That dirty word seems to have new meaning with this coming new year.  All of the receipts that I have accumulated over the last year of being out of town is ready to take over my office.  I try to put most on a credit card but being out of the country sometimes it’s not possible.  Then those paper receipts end up in every pocket, purse and  eventually, on my desk. Continue reading