Resistance has got to be one of the most prominent things in my life right now. I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself. When I think I have mastered something I fall flat on my face making mistakes. I relax and get sloppy. It could be anything from diet to finances to my work. I think I have a handle on it and then I screw up. After resisting to try and fix it I procrastinate so I won’t have to deal with it! I am not twenty anymore so time speaks to me in a different way now. In my life the clock is definitely ticking. I haven’t done half of what I want to do!

Tony Robbins talks about certainty and uncertainty and how we chose between the two. I find myself resisting uncertainty because it’s easier and comfortable to know what to expect. To know what is going to happen because I’ve been there before. After so many years of working countless hours on sets the thought of starting again on another adventure seems too overwhelming.

My son is grown and my responsibilities are less. The certainty of slowing down and actually relaxing, I must admit, seems very appealing. Then that voice in my head starts to say, “What if?” What if I move out of that comfort zone and try something new? I know I will have to start saying no to the obvious. The jobs that pay my rent, buy my food and keep me afloat. I will transition into the unknown with no guarantee. And yet there is a strange calmness to this decision.

However the resistance around me keeps me frozen sometimes. The economy, tax incentives and yes, even age. What makes me think I can beat the odds in a world that is so unstable? But wait! What makes me think it was any easier years ago? I had no experience, no money, no contacts and yet I made it work. I found a way. Now I have experience, the connections and don’t have millions but a lot more than I did back then. So why the hesitation?

Resistance!!! I am determined to break through and succeed even though now it seems easier to quit because “I’ve done my time”. How about you? Are you tired of the rat race of your life and what to relax? Or is that burning desire to start fresh and make your difference strong enough to keep you from resisting? I want to continue to live my life out loud! And that is irresistible.