IntegrityThroughout my life I have known many people who have inspired me.  I have met people who have taught me that no matter what you can push through any adversity with good old fashion determination.  Yet I have been at a point where I don’t seem to be able to succeed even with the best intention.  I’m not just talking about career.  I’m talking about questioning when, even after hard work, focus and drive, life throws that proverbial wrench in the mix.

This week I have witnessed integrity on a different level.  I have been to the Olympic games before and seen people’s dreams dashed in a split second after many years of hard work.  And four years later I see them again and I am amazed they have the same determination and drive as before.  Some of them know what their dream is at such a young age and are brimming with a self confidence I wish I had now!

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