Time keeps on slippin, slippin… into the future… How true that has become. When I was younger TIME moved too slowly and I was always impatient about how things weren’t happening fast enough. Now I wonder where the day has gone.

Sometimes I find my mind is focusing on constantly racing to get everything done I want to do in what seems like too short of TIME. As crazy as it sounds I feel like my TIME here is fleeting and I will never get finished with everything I want to do, want to see, want to teach. My body is on a schedule of waking up every night at about 3 to go over what is going to happen the next day. Slotting in everything into a schedule so that I will have TIME to do everything. And what happens? The day comes and happens as it is going to happen regardless of my best intentions. Life gets in the way.

I know there are things in my life that need to change and filling my day with other things is a way of me not facing what is really the issue. Consequences will occur and my mind is not ready to assimilate it as it should. My emotions and my fears are ruling me. My need to fix everything and keep everything on schedule is my way of not taking the TIME to deal with the elephant in the room. So I fill my days with “busy” work instead of facing the real truth.

But the TIME is now and as I look back on this last year I have come a long way. I have finally made this the year of Kris. I have really looked at myself and decided I need more. I need more TIME for me. I need to pamper Kris. Because only then will I be able to have the TIME to make the decisions to change for the better.

So my question to you is how do you wish you were using your TIME? And how are you using your TIME to avoid the issue or issues in your life that are really wasting your mental and emotional TIME? Because in the end, if you don’t face what is really holding you back then TIME will run out. The TIME is now.