IMG_0156.JPGIt has been an artful weekend.  It has been diverse and rewarding.  I have spent time with friends.  Those friends being people, books, theater and art.  I feel both grateful and humble.

It started with a trip to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Any second hand store is filled with an eclectic group of people either for necessity or for folly.  Neither one are to be judged.  But the collection is very telling in what our world is facing.  People want to dress stylish regardless of their social economics and whether it be Prada or the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

I stopped off at the kitchen store that included everything from baskets to candles to egg timers to ceramic pots.  It amazes me how everything can be stacked and shelved and displayed in such an artful way and still be discounted.  Brilliant.

Then there was the trip to the large book store that always sends me in a giddy tizzy.  I love books stores.  It’s like church to me.  I know some people feel that way when they walk into computer stores but I will never get use to reading a book on Kindle.  There is something about the smell of the pages when you first open a book.  Or rustling of the pages of the Sunday New York Times.

And then to top the weekend off I decided to see a local production of Love’s Labor’s Lost.  Was it the best Shakespeare I had ever seen? Not really.  Was it entertaining?  Absolutely.  And it brought me back to why I love the arts so much.  There are artists who are still struggling to make art.  They are there day after day giving their all for the love of their craft and to hopefully bring that love and passion to the audience.

After a two and a half hour presentation they made an announcement that they would be collecting for the Actor’s Fund.  There was the entire cast after a rambunctious performance still in costume asking to help those in the arts that are struggling.

It made me proud to have chosen the arts as a way of life.  To realize that the art in life is to never lose the passion.

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