Rain“Nature is where the reality happens.” J.T. Abraham

I really do love the rain.  I know it seems easy for me to say living in Los Angeles.  We have had a rough time with the drought and Mother Nature has been rather moody when it comes to dolling out where the rain should fall.  Seems like too much in one area and not enough in another.

Nature does have a way of telling it like it is regardless of what you want or what you think you need.  Nature makes you adapt to whatever it feels like giving you and doesn’t really care.  People risk their lives following storms thinking maybe they will have the upper hand or they can flirt with Mother Nature.

But that’s when reality sets in and  nature shows you that they are still the boss.  As much as we would like to believe we can beat the weather the weather can sometimes bring us to our knees.  Whether it be flash floods or unbearable heat we seem to somehow survive in spite of the destruction.

The reality of nature is the true reality of life.  We can hope and wish and speculate what our lives will be like and then reality takes over and we learn to adapt and accept.  Some storms are better than others but in the end when we do make it through it teaches us the tools to build again.  Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now, is a wonderful example of taking advantage of life moment to moment.

I think of the calming effect of rain and how it relaxes me.  It gives me a Get out of Jail Free card to actually take the time to read or write or just sleep without feeling the need to DO.  In a sense it washes away the anxiousness.  And yet it also gives me the freedom to bundle up and weather the storm.

In this hectic world I like being given the permission by nature to take a step back, look at reality and embrace life.



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