AwayIt’s been awhile since I posted anything probably because I didn’t feel like I could put into words what I was feeling and my take on life.  Not that I have so much to say but it does help me put into perspective what I need to do for myself to feel productive and present.  I’ve been away in many respects besides my writing.

I found myself getting caught up in everyone and everything around me and not focusing on what was meaningful to me.  I have been away from my life and my family and being back in Los Angeles and my home made it quite apparent it is what I desperately needed to know what is really important.

I guess I could say I checked out of everything except just trying to make it at work and keep a level head in all of the chaos we call life.  I was tired not just physically but mentally as well.  I needed to see my home, hug my loved ones and know that I was going to be all right.  Deep down I know I would be but nothing makes it more clear than to step foot in your home and know that I have somewhere to go to when all else fails.

Here in Vancouver I have a lovely apartment with a beautiful view of the harbor.  I have so much to be thankful for and I was loosing track of how fortunate I was in my life.  I have a job that allows me to create and the freedom to do just that.

I am listening to Christmas music right now.   Please don’t judge…I love Christmas music.  It brings me back from being away from what makes me happy.  I had a beautiful Thanksgiving with my loved ones and I am looking forward to spending the Christmas holiday with them.

So let the true holiday season begin where stuff known as gifts are least important.  Family is what is keeping me happy and fulfilled.  I don’t want to be away anymore for many reasons.  The present I want?  The present.  Period.  I’m back.  Enough of being away.

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