BalanceIn all of the blogs I have written I am surprised I have not written about balance.  Balance in life, in temperament and in spirit.  And yet, looking back, maybe I wasn’t balanced enough to even be aware of whether I was in balance.

I know that things would happen and I would react instead of stopping and weighing the importance of keeping my balance.  I would sometimes read something into the situation that didn’t even exist.  Or I would become overly sensitive because I would take everything said to me personally.

I would become angry or hurt and believe it was all about me.  The world was against me.  I was fighting an uphill battle because I felt like I wasn’t given the chance.  The balance or fairness was not going my way.

In yoga you are told that if you fall in a balancing pose it’s ok.  You can always just go back into the pose.  You know, if you fall off that proverbial horse you just get right back up and ride.  But sometimes I didn’t want to get back on the horse.  Sometimes I didn’t want to go back into the pose.  I told myself that I had a better way.  That I knew what was best for me and I could balance myself without anyone’s help.

Boy, was I wrong.  Because now I realize that sometimes the only way to balance things out is to have someone at the other end helping you to make sure the weight is even.  Not all the time but most of the time.  That it’s ok to ask for help.  That it doesn’t mean your strength is unbalanced.  It just means you are balanced enough to know when to ask.

I know how good I feel when someone asks me to help them.  I want to help and know that I should feel the same way.  My imbalance comes when I want to give them the help I think they need even when they are doing just fine without me.

So the important thing for me to remember is to check my ego and know that a healthy balance is to be aware enough to know when to be grateful.



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