SpeedI’ve always moved fast in my life.  I am very organized and make lists of what I need and where everything is so I can coordinate the fastest and most efficient way of doing my tasks.  I am use to juggling many balls in the air in my work and so it spills over into my personal life.  I used to pride myself on how much I could get done in any given day whether it be at work or at play.

But recently that bit me in the ass.  Not tragically but getting your finger slammed in a car door is not the smartest way to start the day.  As usual I had too much to do and not enough time to do it all.  Or so I thought.  I always have in my mind what I expect to accomplish in a given 18 day I am awake and usually it’s unrealistic.  I have all the best intentions but this past weekend brought me to a halt.  My super woman mentality slapped me upside the head.  Or should I say upside my little finger.

I was loading my car for yet another move and was thinking about a task that wasn’t going to happen for hours.  But I was anxious as I wanted everything to be perfect and so when the luggage decided to slip in my haste I pushed it back in and slammed the door.  Ouch.  On many levels.

Ouch that it hurt.  Really hurt.  And ouch that I couldn’t trust to know that whatever happens I will give it my best shot.  It may not be exactly what I am hoping for but I need to learn to trust my knowledge, experience and instinct to make it something I am excited and proud of however it unfolds.  I know from experience that stress and speed are not necessarily the right combination when it comes to doing my best.  Focus and confidence  is more of the mixture I need to have in these situations.

The lesson I learned from being speedy Gonzalez?  It is crucial to be diligent about taking care of ourselves, especially during stressful periods. Just for today I will try to live through this day only and not tackle all of my problems at once.  Or simply…slow down.



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