Al-Anon“It takes one a long time to become young.” Pablo Picasso

Who knew I would find that quote in Courage to Change, a book from Al-Anon.  I have had this book for a long time and decided at the last minute to bring it with me on my job.  I come from an alcoholic family whose demise was much like most alcoholic families you know.  There are many different scenarios but, for the most part, the children of alcoholics have somewhat the same beliefs.

To quote a passage from the book, “I wasn’t a good friend to myself.  In my fear and confusion, I walked away from the little child in me who lived simply and one day at a time.”

Logic may tell me how to live my life one way but my inner voice urges me in a different direction.   Logic may seem like an easier way to go about life but as Albert Einstein said, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.  There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.”

Every day I have read some words of wisdom that have made me think about what is the best road to take in my actions and in my decisions.  I constantly have conversations in my head about different scenarios and how the outcome will be.  What I need to do is get the conversations out of my head.  The hurt I feel is real and I would do myself a world of good if I would listen to that child who wants only to enjoy life as it unfolds.





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