Having spent so many years in the “beauty business” I have come to the conclusion that I don’t really know how to define beauty. There are so many ways to look at the beauty of things. Nature, art, people, music; the list goes on and on. But everyone has their own idea of beauty and how things affect them. I know I love jazz and classical music, impressionistic art, certain features in a face, the light at a certain time of day. But what I don’t think is beautiful others do and I can’t make them wrong. But sometimes I do judge without even being aware of it and that’s not beauty.

I have seen a singer on stage before they start to sing and judged how they look. I have seen a performer before I have made them up and judged how they look. I have looked at art that doesn’t interest me and judge it before I really look at it. And I have seen things in nature that doesn’t spark my enthusiasm.

And then I realize my behavior is not how beauty should be judged. It should not be compared with anything but what it is. Doesn’t matter if it’s not to my liking. It will be to someone else and that is enough to make it beautiful. I have worked on faces that aren’t necessarily considered beautiful but when I see their life come through them it is truly a thing of beauty. How they feel, how they act, the way they express themselves, even if it is not always positive it has its own sense of style.

I have my own sense of style and it has changed over the years. When I was younger I had more of a “look at me” approach in the way I dressed. As I’ve gotten older I have pared down to try to be age appropriate. Not dressing too young but not dressing like I have one foot in the grave. Who am I kidding? And who am I dressing for now? My sense of my beauty is always changing and I have my good days and my bad. Usually the bad come out when I let the outside rule what the inside is doing. And that’s where I think the real beauty exists. As cliche as it seems it really is the truth.

If I stop the judgment and honestly look at the simplicity and wonder most everything is beautiful in a very raw and unique way. And how are you judging what your idea of beauty is in the world? Are you allowing someone and something else to define it for you?

I think I may have defined what is a beauty! But that is my unique opinion. You have your vision of what beauty is to you. And in that, it is truly beautiful.