BRFI can’t believe I’m even writing about this but for some reason I can relate to the frustration that this label creates.  BRF stands for Bitchy Resting Face.  I wish I was making it up.  I know it sounds absolutely absurd but there you have it.  There was even an article about it in the Sunday New York Times.

Celebrities were mentioned who seemed to have been caught in pictures having BRF.  They look angry even when they are not.  Just because they are not smiling doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t happy.  Tyra Banks advises to “smize” (smile with your eyes).  God I wish I was making this up.

Plastic surgeons are fielding a number of requests from those who want to surgically correct their “permafrowns.”  How does one do that?  One woman used Botox to eliminate her frown lines so people would stop asking her if she were mad.  When she Botoxed her frown line she said people were warmer to her.

I have been asked while I am working if I’m OK or if something is wrong.  I say no I’m just focused which is true most of the time.  But I have had times when  I was dealing with other things that crept into my facial expressions.  By the way, they don’t seem to ask guys if they’re grumpy when they aren’t smiling.  They just think they’re focused.  Funny how it conveniently gets turned around when it pertains to the sexes.  We don’t judge the moods of a male face but we are expected to put on a smile.  If we don’t we’re thought of as bitchy.

Just think about this for a minute.  It may seem like I’m over reacting but studies have shown that people who look happy are deemed more trustworthy.  Even if they’re not.

Studies have also shown that men find serious women less attractive while women view men quite the opposite.  That’s very interesting to me.  So if we don’t smile all the time we’re not sexy?

All I have to say is Botox to correct a frown line is not in my future.  Maybe I’ll smile more when I retire.  I can focus on not getting up at the crack of dawn to make women look like they’re smiling….


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