“I know no ways to mince it in love, but directly to say, I love you.”  William Shakespeare

It’s been a while since I last wrote.  I arrived at home to find many things I needed to fix.  A new roof, a retaining wall, new shades for the living room and dining room…even a garage door opener.  I was getting caught up in all it entails and was getting anxious and somewhat depressed.

But now seeing all of my hard work coming to fruition (dear God, I didn’t do the work just oversaw production which was stressful in itself).  Finally, everything finished beautifully and I sat on my swing with a glass of wine toasting to a job well done.

I am happy for another reason which makes having the house an oasis even more poignant.   Hence the mention of celebration which is much more joyous than repairing my house.  It seems this is the year of weddings.  All of my son’s friends are getting married including my son!  On October 14th he will be married to a smart, beautiful and most important, witty woman.   Of all of the attributes, she has the one thing that makes me love her, even more, is she makes my son laugh.  I mean really laugh.  My son is not overly emotional but when it comes to his fiancee he is head over heels.  And I’m head over heels because he’s head over heels.

I have been looking at wedding dresses with my future daughter-in-law (that sounds heavenly) and have seen the venue where they will be married.  The owner of the home grew up minutes from my home in Cincinnati, Ohio which makes the setting even more perfect.  We talked about all of the things we loved about Cincinnati which made me feel like her home was a home away from my home for my son to express his love to his future bride.

I can’t say what I will do or how I will behave when I see my son step into another phase of his magnificent life.  I can only say what William Shakespeare always so eloquently says,     I love you.

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