CostcoRecently I went to Costco. I had gotten a deal on a membership so thought I would give it a shot.  Figured early Sunday morning would be my best bet as I don’t like crowds and wanted it to be as painless as possible.  I didn’t know what I would find there but always like looking.

Finding a parking space is like winning the lottery in a place that large but I happened to get lucky and found myself inside at the membership counter.  Usually there would be a line but today I walked right up to the counter.  The woman who helped me could not have been more helpful and friendly.  Well, I thought, this is pretty painless so far but was waiting for the ball to drop  once I got into the store.

I was looking for a new phone and happened on a kiosk that was selling what I needed.  “Can’t imagine I’ll get it here” I said to myself but again thought I’d try my luck.  And once again the gentleman that helped me was funny and very knowledgeable. Even his name, Frankie, was down home.

With phone in hand I proceeded to do my shopping being assisted as if I was in a small town store.  Everyone seemed to be there just for me.  But I also believe that my attitude made a tremendous difference.  I knew it was going to take time but I resigned myself to take it step by step.  I didn’t have a specific schedule so I didn’t feel anxious to be anywhere else.

At the check out I had a lovely discussion with the cashier about the best way to water orchids as I was in the process of buying one.  He wanted to purchase one for his wife but was afraid he didn’t know how to take care of it.  He was so thankful for the information as he wanted to surprise her.  Here was a store the size of Costco that could actually be that personable.  But then again I reached out and received back what everyone wants…a bit of kindness.

When I was growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio we use to go to the local “pony keg” which today would be the Seven Eleven.  We’d always stopped off on our walk home from school to get some candy and conversation with the family who own it.  Next door was a bakery own by a Swedish family that had settled there and brought with them their amazing delicacies.  They were part of the neighborhood and even today it still brings back memories of a childhood long gone.

And that brings me back to Costco.  With all of the mom and pop stores seeming to fade I realized standing in Costco that as much as I missed the small establishments I could still have the same small town girl in me.  That there are people out there with the same beliefs that I have.  They work hard and want to show good customer service.  It doesn’t always happen.  There are those days that it seems like that doesn’t exist.  But if I’m really honest with myself I haven’t brought my best customer attitude with me on those days.

What I do notice is that when I start up a  genuine and positive conversation the bulk of the time, like the bulk items in Costco, I receive a genuine and positive response back.



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