RestraintToday we pay tribute to all of the military and their families.  Regardless of what I think of whether or not we should be at war I have to admire the dedication of believing in what they are doing for our country.  Not only does the person who is in the military make sacrifices but so do their family.

I personally know someone who has made a career out of being in the military.  He is a pretty amazing person.  He was injured while serving but is still in active duty.  I can’t even imagine what he saw and experienced.   His quiet strength is what I see.   Even though I don’t see him often, when I do it is always wonderful.  He still has a great sense of humor even after all the years I have known him and all he has been through.  He truly believes in what he is doing and his dedication is apparent.

I recently worked with a number of war vets who were extras on a film I am working on.  They were all physically impaired but also had the quiet strength of my friend.  They had an apparent bond with each other even though they had not served together.  It was clear they had experienced first hand what war can do.  And yet they too, like my friend, had a wonderful sense of humor.  I came away from that day incredibly grateful for the dedication they had for their country.

I watched a special last night from Washington, D.C. commemorating all of the military for those who had fallen to those who are still with us.  They spoke of their undying love and dedication of their families.  The children also spoke of the impact it has had on their lives for losing a parent who they will never know.  Quite a price to pay for our freedom.

We have many veterans coming home with ailments that are not so apparent.  They seem to be fine on the outside but very damaged on the inside.  Their struggle is a different kind of war and one we here at home need to address to help these men and women in need.  There is a confidential toll-free hot line for veterans and their families to help in time of need.  The number is 1-800-273-8255 press 1 or text 838255.  I include this just in case anyone out there knows of someone who is struggling and doesn’t know where to turn.

I know there are so many others who are dedicated to causes other than the military but for today I’d like to shine a light on those who have the dedication and strength to fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.  Again, whether or not I agree with our being in a war, I greatly admire those who follow their heart.

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