depressionThis is a tricky one.  A real slippery slope.  It isn’t easy to spot just by looking at someone.  It’s not like a disease that, although may not be curable, doesn’t suffer in silence from the unknown. You can diagnose cancer pretty quickly but depression has its own timeline.

I have known people who couldn’t deal with the voices in their head and finally checked out.  It wasn’t pretty and, in their own way, they were asking for help.  Those who loved them were trying to give them everything but in the end, it wasn’t enough.

There are the drugs that are given which have been created to try to ease the pain.  One person told me it was like they had fallen down a hole and were trying desperately to climb to the top only to slip back down again.  Some research states a lack of zinc can cause a chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain which can cause depression. Pfeiffer Medical Center in Chicago has worked for years in the study and treatment of depression.  They use vitamins, minerals and other nutrient supplements in treating biochemical imbalances.  This may be a better alternative for some which do not want to go the drug prescription route.

For years depression was hushed and still isn’t given the assistance it needs to find a cure.  In recent times it has reared its ugly head and resulted in harrowing results.

So where do we go with it?  How do we help those so desperately in need?  I am no therapist but I feel like we really have to start to listen and watch the telltale signs.  Depression doesn’t care where you come from or how wealthy you are.  It strikes with a vengeance.  It’s not a topic many are comfortable dealing with but knowledge about the symptoms and the care are vital now in order to help the ones dealing with depression and with ourselves.

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