Vancouver home 2016I recently moved into a small house that has the loveliest garden.  The hydrangeas are in full bloom with multiple shades of purple from the softest lavender to a hint of pink.  How nature does that so effortlessly never ceases to amaze me.

I know it is all around us and many times I take for granted the simple and grand beauty of nature.  Being a makeup artist I am very sensitive to not only color but my surroundings.  I am constantly rearranging a “still life” wherever I am.  It can be on my coffee table, the bookshelves or the pictures on top of my chest of drawers.  Some people call it obsessive.  I call it design.

I’ve always had an eye for balance and color which probably was inherited from my father.  Three out of four of us kids are artists so I don’t think it was just luck.  I really do believe you are born with “it”.   I have worked with many who are great technicians but have no “eye” for design.

Look at any great painting and the artist had the gift to know when it was finished.  When the last brush stroke was applied they knew it was time to walk away.  I have been guilty of “tweaking” too much knowing that in my mind’s eye it can be better.  However I know if I go overboard it becomes overworked and then I just as soon go back to the drawing board.

Which brings me back to a beautiful garden.  Whether it be meticulously groomed or a bit overgrown as my garden is at my new home.  Whoever is responsible for having the hand at the design is truly the master.  Call it whomever you like but there is a higher being somewhere out there that has the most amazing green thumb.

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