DiversityOne definition for diversity?  The state of being diverse; variety.  News was just released about how the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is trying to be more diverse in their membership and nominations of the awards.  Being a member of the academy I have gone to the screenings at the theater numerous times.  Although it is a small percentage of the membership I have to say what I have seen is not very diverse.

With that said I am not trying to make assumptions one way or another.  I am not fully aware of every academy member but in looking at what films were made this year there were definitely performances and films that were not chosen that were Oscar worthy in my opinion.

Which leads to where variety comes into play.  I would like to see variety throughout life.  Not just at the Oscars.  I know the Oscars is a large platform and the film world effects a lot of people because of the millions who view films every day.  But in looking at the world population I see that as a very small percentage.  I agree that we have to start somewhere for equality and the film world is a strong platform for some but I believe we need to focus on all aspects of where diversity is lacking.

I am aware that there seems to be an ongoing dialogue in the news about diversity and equality around the world but recently it seems most of what I am shown is the negative aspect.  Maybe if we focused on what has been done and what steps have been made it would bring new light on positive ways to move forward.

It seems every headline nowadays doesn’t have a lot of variety.  Most of it is what’s wrong with the world.  I don’t see many success stories of who is winning the war of equality.  Yes, you can find those stories on the internet but I’m talking everywhere.  Including the Academy.  I’m not saying what’s happening is fair.  I’m just saying let’s make decisions to come from the heart and look past race, gender, sexual preference, etc. to see the beauty and creativity of the person or the project.  Period.  In that, I’m hoping that mindset will  bring about diversity in the purest form.  Maybe that’s a bit Pollyanna but has the negative been working in moving this world forward?  Variety really is the spice of life.

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