FateI will be traveling to Sochi, Russia to work at the Olympics and for the first time after six Olympics I’m a bit concerned about all of the security warnings.  My client is well known and I know that the company I will be working with has done everything possible to insure the games will go smoothly and without any incident.

However, we are dealing with a force that doesn’t care about the Olympics or world peace or for that matter anything else but their belief.  They feel so strongly about it that they are willing to die for their cause.  It has happened on such a regular basis that the weight of their act seems almost like an everyday occurrence.  We view them on the evening news like it’s another TV show or movie which tries to emulate life through art.  Sometimes I feel it’s just too much and art and life become one in the same.

But this is where I think fate steps in and allows me to realize regardless of what I do what is going to happen is going to happen.  Don’t mistake  that I am unaware of being stupid in putting myself in harm’s way.  If I step in front of a moving truck and am hit I will probably not fare so well.  But if I decide to go about living my life as I feel I need to in order to experience what life has in store for me than I need to rest on the idea that fate will be what it will be.

I am not a practicing Catholic but I was raised with a very strong belief that there is a God and I must answer to that in my everyday life.  I can say that I am not “practicing” but you can bet I will travel to Russia with my St Christopher medal.  St. Christopher is the patron saint of protection and my medal given to me by my mom will be safely tucked in my wallet.  I also pray to St Anthony when I lose something and although it hasn’t always worked I have to say he has a pretty good track record.  Oh yeah, I do say “St Anthony, St Anthony, look around.  Something’s lost and must be found.” So regardless who your St Anthony is, someone or something, I’m sure, presents itself to you to help you find your way.  Even an atheist, I think, has some kind of ritual to help them along through life.  Not sure what that is but I truly believe we all need that helping hand.

And so, as fate would have it, I will be on that plane bound for Sochi.  Over the  years I have been on many planes around the world and have arrived safely back to my home.  My fate has had a pretty good track record.  Don’t want to jinx it, but I have a strong feeling my fate will carry me to the games and back again with wonderful stories.  Fate will have me meet wonderful and colorful people and I will be a better person for my  adventures.  I want to believe we are one and have the same desire to be happy and fulfilled.  I am always working at that being my fate.