MorningsI love the early morning hours.  Everything is still and peaceful.  I am definitely a morning person and always have been.  I was the first one up as a child and many times was found in the hallway playing here comes the bride with my dolls at three in the morning.  I guess it could be looked at as a blessing or a curse.Having an active mind can sometimes be maddening but I would not have it any other way.  Some of my best decisions are made on the fly.  In the midst of all of the voices swirling in my head one will speak louder and grab my attention enough to stick.  Because that voice is really my gut talking.   Sometimes my choice is not exactly what I would like but it always teaches me a lesson one way or another.  I am now trying to trust my gut every time.  It never lies.  Ever.  I can tell myself that I listened but the outcome is crystal clear whether I have or not.

What it really comes down to is trusting myself.  Trusting my choices.  Whatever that may be in my life right now.  Family, friends, career, health and change.  The uncertainty of all of it can cause me not to listen.  Wanting the outcome to be of my choosing because in the end it really is my choice.  I have to take responsibility and make no excuses. So those choices made on the fly will come from my intuition, my gut.  To trust that if it feels right, regardless of the voice in my head, it is right.

Which brings me back to the early morning hours.  I guess in the stillness and peace of the morning I feel safe.  I feel I’m listening to my heart.  I am making decisions based on what feels good to me without all of the outside forces telling me otherwise.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to carry that feeling with me into the day, the evening and the night.  My gut tells me to enjoy each moment.


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