BuddhaPower is a tough one to handle.  Power can have so many meanings.  We go about our lives trying to do what’s best for ourselves, our loved ones and even the world.  I believe that the majority of the population has good intentions at heart.   They want to make the world a better place.  Time and time again when disaster hits people come out in droves to help tirelessly for their fellow man.  There is an innate feeling inside that really wants to do the right thing.  There is a need to give back to feel one has a purpose.

When I am looking for my way I want to sense a feeling of power to push through the obstacles.  When the need arises I find power I didn’t even know existed.  It gives me a sense of security and a new found strength that seems like it can last forever and yet it is fleeting.  Sometimes it gives me false security where ego takes over and it’s as if nothing can touch me.  I am infallible to anything that can harm me.  And then it does.  Things come crashing down and anger sets in.  I feel as though the world is against me and I’ve been wronged.  I feel as if I have been singled out and am alone in my struggles.  Why me? I ask.  Why are they doing this to me?

And then my sensibility sets in and I realize that my power has gotten out of hand.  My focus has gotten a bit blurred and I realize that my ego has taken over.  I know that I have overcome obstacles that seem daunting but it doesn’t make me less human.  When I allow my power to overtake me I lose sight of the big picture.  And as the years pass, and they pass so much quicker as you age, the importance of power shifts.  I find that there is a quieter power.  An inner power that just keeps nudging me along.  Not to say that frustration doesn’t set in and whisper it’s doubt.   The power is not as physical as it once was but not any less present.  It’s more an inner power with the voices that are reassuring me it will be alright if I just have the power of patience.

There are so many ways power can go.  Countries go to great lengths to show their power.  I believe the more we try to outwardly show our power the less power we have.  We don’t show our strength.  We show our vulnerability.  That’s where I believe true power lies.  When we are vulnerable that’s when kindness and faith and hope and dreams are the most powerful.