ClearanceClearance has some odd definitions. One definition is an amount of space between two things that keep them from touching each other. Wow. That’s quite an interesting take on the word. Clearance of relationships seems rather poignant when you look at them as not touching each other.

I have been looking at my relationships more closely recently. I am not as social as I use to be when I was younger. I value my time alone as being somewhat a haven from the flurry of everyday life. I use to embrace the activity with much more fervor than I do now. I’m not quite sure it’s because I am usually around so much chatter at work that in my downtime the quiet is a nice respite. I have also started to say no to things that are not of my best interest at heart. I have looked at opportunities lately as for whether or not they are a positive reinforcement for my self-respect. The financial fear has always kept me places longer than was best for me. Now with my son off on his own, I don’t feel such a need to grasp at everything to make ends meet. I want to clear away anything touching me that doesn’t feel right.

I was always worried whether or not people liked me or I said the right thing so I would be accepted and needed. Co-dependency has an odd way of clearing away a part in your heart that knows the right answer but is afraid to face it. That self-doubt of whether what you say is going to be accepted and greeted positively has always been on the back burner of my thoughts. The spiritual venues of love, patience, and forgiveness are vital to making a clear path but it is not so easy to apply. They are abstract terms which I am constantly trying to grasp in a much deeper way than in my mind. Maybe it is the clearance of my heart and mind that makes it so difficult?

Another meaning given to clearance is the official permission that allows someone to do something. A get out of jail free card. An opportunity to clear out the negative and make room for what will make a difference in the way we live. I have definitely made some mistakes when given the “official permission” and taken advantage of the opportunity. Probably from not focusing on those spiritual venues.

And then there is the process of removing things that are not wanted or used. I prefer to use this meaning as a positive venture. Otherwise, my applications can become so glum that it becomes self-indulgent. And then where is that self-respect? Paring down and making life simple to enjoy the beauty of the moment when you least expect it allows you to subconsciously remove the stuff that has been around for way too long.

It gives new meaning to can’t see the forest for the trees. What we need can be right in front of us if we just give ourselves official permission to clear away the junk and do what we need to do to find the ultimate happiness.