Routine can be a good thing but I also think it can go south and not in a good way.  I have always been a creature of habit watching GMA instead of the Today Show even though I worked for years at NBC.  Just got use to Good Morning America and never changed.There’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes I find that starting my day like that can set me up for doing other things the same way.  I get comfortable in routine and then don’t discover new things.  I drive to the studio the same way every morning.  I could go a different way to challenge myself but I’m usually trying to beat the clock.  I have very early calls so don’t have the desire  to “switch it up”.  One thing I hate is being late so I go for the tried and true.

That may seem like a silly analogy to life especially my life, but I don’t think it’s that far fetched.  The mind is the mind and  I think if you constantly go for safe and not rattle your thinking every now and then, even if it means just taking a different route, then your life can become routine.

For me, at my age, that can be dangerous.  The more I don’t challenge myself the more I find it easy to stay at home and not venture out into the unknown.  When I was younger it was easy.  I actually was excited about going out and discovering new things.  But age has a tendency of making you feel somewhat lost.  Or too vulnerable to handle whatever comes your way.  Especially when you are now doing it alone.

I find that my small victories of even just getting a repairman  to fix the refrigerator is a big deal for me.  For years I didn’t deal with that kind of stuff.  Felt like I wasn’t capable of doing particular things.  I know that sounds utterly ridiculous to some but makes perfect sense to others.

2017 has arrived and not a moment too soon.  My time in Vancouver as it stands is over in April however something could come up down the road.  I’m hoping that something is in Los Angeles not only because that really is my home but because it will be a different routine.  I will be in my house full time and that excites me to no end.  I have big plans to fix things that need to get fixing including my life as I know it now.  Free from 90 hour plus work weeks and being able to choose what time I get up in the morning.  Something so simple as to sleep in.  Heaven.

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