Keep it simple. I just want to say what moves me, excites me, frightens me and inspires me. This is the first time I’ve actually put this down for people to read. I have been around the world working in some of the most amazing places and yet to describe how to make life simple stuns me.

I live every day wanting to teach and inspire and yet the fear of not succeeding has kept me frozen. Give me a project to work on with a script and I have no problem. Doesn’t matter that the budget is 2 million or 200 million, I know I can make it happen. But finding the simple things that excite me and move me has just really come into my life and I am jumping for joy. I am very grateful to have had the opportunities to follow what was my dream. And now I am ready to pare down and bring simplicity and clarity to my life. What seems so simple is one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever tried. Is it possible to have “another” dream? Even after you have been given the dream you asked for so long ago? To mesh one dream with the other and realize that you can bring so much more to your work and your life.

I recently attended Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love Seminar on Love and Relationships and I sat with one of the yoga instructors. She was so beautiful, with clarity in her face I wish I could bottle and give to everyone. I am a makeup artist that makes a living out of making people “beautiful” yet her inner light made her skin luminous and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Can we find the style that is really inside of us? Can we express ourselves in a way that will be joyous yet simple? I say yes and I say it to everyone out there. The decision seems simple. The decision seems vital. The decision seems necessary to continue to be. It’s confusing and mind boggling. And yet here I am saying it out loud to whoever is willing to listen.

It starts by clearing the clutter from one’s head that wakes you up at two, then three, then four in the morning and begs for answers. The feeling of exhaustion of just trying to find a path or a voice from within that will finally tell you the answer.

Be of service. Teach. Inspire. Give away the knowledge you have picked up over the years from some of the best in the business and pass it on. Follow that voice that doesn’t calculate the dollar amount of what is needed to live. In that one finds the answers. Keep it simple.