img_3428This spirituality thing is a loaded subject.  It’s like talking about yoga and Lululemon in the same sentence.  The idea and teachings of spirituality have been around for thousands of years but it seems to me in the last 10 years it’s been seeping into every pore of our lives.

Let’s face it the world is having a pretty hard time.  Not to say it hasn’t had it’s a fair share of devastation and destruction but with the immediate access of the internet, every aspect of life is coming to us at neck-breaking speed.  Let’s just look at this year’s election for God sake.  Don’t worry I’m not going to go near any of the shit storm activity that is happening right now.  I don’t need to…you can google it and find out all of the sordid details.

But back to spirituality.  Aren’t we suppose to be a somewhat educated and enlightened species?  God knows we have enough leaders and coaches and books and CD’s and seminars and retreats to teach us how to behave.  So why don’t we?  For the most part the people I speak to want life to be quiet and kind.  I haven’t dealt with Isis first hand but I think it is much more rooted than religious beliefs.

I don’t know exactly what the answer is but it seems to me we just have too much.  Of everything.  At our fingertips,  There is truly a glutton of material things or the massive desire to have all those things.  The proverbial grass is always greener.  If not, the Kardashian sensation wouldn’t have lasted two seconds.

I have been on retreats with swamis who seem to be in another world.  Not that they are checked out or unaware but that they don’t put so much emphasis on everything around them that is material.  They have a choice and they choose simplicity.

So maybe what I am looking for in the way of spirituality is really simplicity.  There is a very popular movement called Minimalists which throws out all of the extra “stuff” and lives a bare bones existence.  Something to be said about that.  Makes life a whole lot less complicated.  But I think there is a happy medium somewhere in the middle.  Not to take it to the extreme but to be aware of when it gets out of control.  That goes for anything in life.  Relationships, work, play and just existing.  A place in your head where there is an opportunity to just be quiet.  Not for 20 minutes a day but throughout the day in living the meditation.

Haven’t found that state yet and may never but am sure going to give it my all.  On my own.  No googling allowed for the answer.  Just going to go inside me.

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