I recently watched a TED talk by Simon Sinek about the why of business.  It also seems to be a great example of the why of how to live life.  He calls it the Golden Circle.  On the outside of the circle is the what.  The middle is the how and the inner circle is the why.

Most businesses look first to the what of their product and how it’s important.  But they don’t start from the why first.  Why is the product vital? Or better yet why did I even think it important to try?  He goes on to say the great inventors started from the why first.  It was their passion and emotional feeling of why it had to be done.  It wasn’t because of the money.  It was because of the need.

That began me thinking of what’s happening in our world today.  How so much seems to be going in the wrong direction.  We seem to be looking at what we can get out of life instead of why we are living.  What is our purpose?  What do we bring to the table every day that enriches not only our lives but the lives around us?  I know this seems like a loaded question which could have a somewhat depressing answer.  I know I have been asking myself this question a lot lately.

I will be going home soon and need to take some time to organize and evaluate the why of what I will be doing next.  I have to admit a lot of it was for survival in taking care of the people I love and to make my way in a world I felt I wanted to be a part of.

But now after so many years, I want to shift to something inside of me that is restless.  I want to find out the why.  What is that why?  I have a vague idea but haven’t had the time to sit down and really ponder an answer.  I’m looking forward to diving into that restlessness and calming the storm.


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