BillsBills have a way of telling you when life is getting a bit too hectic.  Online banking should make life easier.  It’s faster and seems more efficient.  But I think that the fast pace and “ease” of bill pay is actually more difficult.

I know that with the push of a button things can go from one bank to the next or to the gas company or the phone company or the insurance or the mortgage or the…. God, I’m exhausted.  I know that the postal service has it’s drawbacks but I like the idea of getting things in the mail even if it means bills.  I had a way of keeping track of the month to month when I had a physical bill in my hand.

Now it’s all in the stratosphere of computer land and I am always worried I’ve missed something.  I liked the file cabinet where I would file the paid bills and organize them month by month.  It showed me I had put in the effort and I could actually see where all of my time was spent.

I miss getting cards in the mail whether it be thank yous or invites or even bills.   There is something to be said about seeing your name on the envelope and the return address of who it was from.  There were pretty stamps and lovely stationary.  I know that the bill collectors weren’t that fancy but it seemed that the visual helped me to know where I stood in the world of responsibility.

I remember when I was on my own and had to get my own checking account and keep track of my bills.  I had finally grown up and was independent enough to take care of myself.  Having my ritual of bill paying each month and writing paid on each one gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I know it may sound childish but I liked that.  I like the old fashioned way.  I like knowing that I had everything taken care of and I had the written bills marked paid to prove it.

I still save  notes I receive from people whether it be thank yous or birthdays or even Christmas cards.  I will be looking for something else and come across a card someone wrote that was special to me.  It will bring me back to that place and time where even though life seemed really hectic someone took the time to send me a note.  A hand written note.  Lovely.



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