GiftsThere are many ways to look at what appears to be gifts.  This time of year I’m reminded of what should happen. Christmas means gifts and other stuff but mostly about what I am going to give everyone.   I’m always worried about the right gift for each person and try to choose what I think is a good fit.  I’m also always worried about whether they will like what I have chosen.

What happens is I usually see something during the year in my travels that seems like something that is just perfect for that particular person and buy it to have it for Christmas.  But I’m  the kind of person who can’t wait to give it to them so usually I don’t wait until the holidays.  Then the holiday rolls around and I’m back to square one.

This year I’m totally at square one and I don’t feel the need to be so nervous about gifts.  I can’t seem to put my finger on it but this year I feel restless about the season.  It doesn’t resonate the same way.  Somehow I want to be more aware of what I have and what the people close to me have and be incredibly grateful for just that right now.  There is someone else who has less and I know, in my own small way, I can maybe make a difference in my donation.  I know most people want to do the same.  There are so many acts of kindness that happen everyday we never hear of regardless of the season and that’s what I want to focus on.  Regardless of the season.

I saw a story about how the secret Santa gave one hundred dollar bills to unsuspecting recipients and their reaction.  That one hundred dollars brought them to tears.  They were so happy they could take that money and give something to their loved ones.  That money helped them, in their small way,  take care of the ones they love. To make them happy.  And that is the true gift.

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