houseFinally arrived home.  Bittersweet but glad to be in a place that is familiar and not all from Ikea.  Ikea has it’s pluses but an entire apartment screams rental.  I’ll take my used, well worn furnishings any day of the week.  I put up the outside Christmas lights first thing just to make it feel normal.  Next came the tree.  Again bittersweet but looking to start anew.

2016 will have it’s own life.  Very different from 2015 when I was home three weeks out of an entire year.  There is truth that home is where you put your head but it really is nice when where you put your head is entirely yours.  Your own bed, your own kitchen and even your own front door that sticks from the shifting that comes from living in the hills.

Batteries need to be changed, heat needs to be turned on and mail needs to be plowed through.  But in all of that is a sense of comfort knowing that it is your batteries, your heat and your mail.  Not some supplement that is sent to resident but the envelope has your name on it and your address.  It has a sense of security knowing that it is yours and no one else.  That the hours you work and the bills that you pay lead up to knowing that you have a home.  As humble as that is it is beautiful.  And I am so grateful.

I’ve landed home in so many ways that I find myself crying for no reason.  It’s been a long road but I am happy to know that with each step I take it is with conviction that I am doing the right thing for me.  That I deserve to honor myself and not feel guilty about that.  Yes indeed, I have landed.

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