Honest mistakes are made. They really are. Recently I saw something on Facebook someone had sent me and showed it to a friend. They liked it and asked me to send it to them. I must admit, I’m not a whizz at social media and sent it out to everyone. Not my intention. At first, my friend laughed at my mistake seeing the horror on my face. But then as the night wore on, I became more and more uncomfortable with my mistake.

I don’t comment much on Facebook, quite honestly, because everyone has an opinion about what you do regardless of whether or not they say anything. They think it. They judge you. And they don’t forget. They don’t know it was an honest mistake that I sent it. They will judge me for my actions.

I could lie and say it doesn’t matter. I could tell myself that I feel uncomfortable about my decision and hope people will understand. But they won’t. They will feel they want to feel and that will be that.

And I have been letting it control my thoughts and feelings for the whole day. Why am I so hard on myself for an honest mistake? And aren’t all mistakes really honest? I mean do we really go into something knowing it will be wrong and doing it anyway? In a way, yes. I can say I should really learn social media if I am going to use it and be sure I know what I am doing before I push that button that sends it to the world. My mistake. I should own it and not make excuses for doing what I did. Move on. Again, owning my mistake. It’s the way I learned not to do that again. Still, don’t know how to send something to one person but won’t press the share button again unless I really want to share!

And with our style we make mistakes. In fashion and in life. But I firmly believe it is the only way we find our true self. The only way we will find our purpose and our happiness. Not someone else’s purpose but our own. It is unsettling to try something new as I am doing right now and every day. In my mind ideas are swirling at a pace that sometimes makes me incredibly anxious. It is so much safer to keep them in my mind. To execute them is frightening. But the alternative is unacceptable.

I will make more mistakes but hopefully not as many as when I was younger. But the biggest mistake will be not finding my unique style every day and learning to embrace it. I encourage you to do the same. It’s never too late. Don’t make the mistake of not living out loud!