PerspectiveEveryone has their own perspective.  At the moment, I know with me, I feel my perspective is the right one.  At the moment.  I try to judge my point of view from my experience.  Whatever I have gone through in my life to get me to this point right now is how I come to my conclusions.  And it seems everyone, for the most part, does the same.  We see our point of view as being right for us.  Not necessarily what’s correct for the masses or even the ones closest to us but the one that feels the most comfortable to us.

For me, I try to base my perspective on being fair and honest.  The honest part is the hardest.  To know the truth but to live the truth is really difficult.  I don’t always want to own up to what’s true.  And other people’s perspective can be quite daunting when it pertains to you.

The meaning of perspective, according to the dictionary, is “proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it”.  Ah, the ability to see it.  Sometimes I don’t want to see how I perceive things.  It’s based on circumstances in my life that I don’t want to face or acknowledge.  But then I have to own up to the fact that I haven’t dealt with my insecurities enough to listen to someone’s objective advice.

When someone asks me my opinion of an issue they are having I’m sometimes afraid of speaking my mind.  I’m worried my perspective will be hurtful and that they may not be ready to hear the truth.  Or my truth anyway.  And I know how they feel.  I have to remind myself to go into that childlike space and find the happiness and pureness that’s under all that fear and doubt.  Again,  facing the real truth.  Being honest with myself.

The value of my word is a big one for me.  I have the need to please and make everyone happy and so I make promises that later I cannot keep.  Then, from my perspective, I try to justify why I said yes in the first place.  Instead of being honest at that moment I take the comfortable route.  In the end, however, it usually bites me in the ass.  You would think after repeating this behavior countless times I would learn.  But change is difficult.  It’s even more difficult as you get older.  I constantly try to push myself not to settle in and become complacent.

What’s your perspective of where you are?  I’m curious to know if I’m just being too analytical.  I know I am desperately trying to quiet the voices in my head of the constant judgment.   From my perspective, the change must come from within me.