SuksmaI have been in Bali now for over two weeks.  I have been religiously doing my yoga everyday and have had incredible teachers in every class.  Today my teacher, who is Japanese had to give the class in two languages as a large Japanese group has arrived at the Yoga Barn.  She still was very concise in her instruction, loving in her comments and funny in a wonderful, pure way.  And all in two languages.  English is her second language and so she does not have the command of all of the subtleties you have when it is your mother tongue.  It seems to work well in yoga.  Because the simplicity of yoga is what I love.  I want to strip away all of the flowery descriptions and just listen to my body.  And her kind, loving and simple words makes it so easy for me that I find my emotions are right on the surface.  I have found myself on the verge of tears more now in my practice than I have in a long time.

On the other hand, another one of my teachers is American and he is very funny.  His class is just as powerful as my Japanese teacher only lighter.  He makes me laugh instead of cry and reminds me not to take myself so seriously.  He says if you do the pose perfectly that’s amazing!  And if you do the pose not perfectly that’s amazing!  To be happy where you are right in the moment and be thankful you are able to practice what you love.

My writing has become more reflective because of my yoga.  They say if you go to the darkest place that is where you will truly write from your heart and the words will flow.  There has been some dark moments and at first I was too afraid to go there.  But today I figured it was now or never and I couldn’t type fast enough to say everything I have been wanting to say for years.  Even now this is easier for me to write as I feel a freedom I haven’t felt in a very long time.

So I say suksma, suksma, suksma, which is thank you in the mother tongue here is Bali.   I still have about ten days to go and I say bring it on!


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